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PGS 101 Exam 2 Study Guide Study tips: If a concept was covered in lecture, always use lecture notes. Only if not, then use book. Remember, material from the Methods lectures is game for any exam throughout the course. Freud Cartwright Resetting the biological clock EEG Sleep cycles Three functions of sleep Sleep disorders Features of dreams Three theories of dreaming Bandura Skinner Pavlov Classical conditioning Generalization, Discrimination Acquisition, Extinction Spontaneous Recovery Higher-order conditioning Reinforcement schedules Operant conditioning Skinner box Shaping Observational learning Criteria necessary for observational learning Instinctive drift Conditioned taste aversion Personal relevance in memory Three kinds of processing Schemas Serial effects Most effective memory strategy Sensory-, short- and long-term memory
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Unformatted text preview: Retro & anterograde amnesia Implicit & explicit memory Declarative & procedural memory Semantic & episodic memory Three categories of problems & examples Irrelevant information Functional fixedness Mental set Unnecessary constraints Six approaches to problem solving Decision making strategies Risky decision making factors Six common probability bloopers Whorf Skinner & language Chomski Criteria for language Phonemes Morphomes Syntax Vocabulary spurt 5 phases of language acquisition Three theories of language acquisition Linguistic relativity Can animals think? Do animals exhibit language? 5 biases in person perception Unwanted thoughts Social readjustment rating scale Stress and Type A & B personalties The “toxic” components Stress and other personality correlates Destructive coping strategies Constructive coping strategies Sources of social support Benefits of social support...
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