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exam 2 outline - Chapter 14 European power begins to take...

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Chapter 14 European power begins to take over world spread of laws, religion, culture in Southeast Asia and Africa Motives o God, glory, gold Why? o Centralization of monarchies during Renaissance leads to desire to expand o New technology (maps, ships, compass, astrolabe) o Knowledge of wind patterns Portugal o Gold and spices in Africa’s western coast o Set up blockade to cut off trade to Muslims o Trading posts in India and China o Lacked power, population to colonize Asian regions Spain o Henry the Navigator o Columbus o Magellan – circumnavigation Philippines, South America Portuguese have route around Cape of Good Hope and Spanish have route across Atlantic Mesoamerica o Conquistadors (Cortes) conquer Aztecs, helped by small pox o Pizarro captures Incan empire o Indians exploited as laborers, small pox epidemic o Spread of Christianity Slave Trade o Dutch East India Trading Company o Sugar plantations in Brazil and Caribbean slaves o Triangular trade – Europe, Africa, Americas o Slave trade causes turmoil in Africa Southeast Asia o Spanish, Dutch, English threaten Portugal and occupy Philippines, Java, etc. o Mainland states (Vietnam, Myanmar) are able to resist because they are strong monarchies o British begin to occupy India and its trading posts China o Ming and Qing dynasties o Qing begins to collapse, English, who have replaced Portuguese as Euro trading power, try to make a move and set up post at Canton in 1699 Japan o Spanish and Portuguese interact with Japan, but are expelled when missionaries become too much
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o Dutch stay for lack of missionaries Portugal and Spain begin to decline in 17 th century to Dutch, British, and French Americas o Sugar factories pump out ridiculous amounts of sugar in Caribbean o Dutch commercial empire declines in 1664 o English come, 13 colonies blah blah o French settle in South as well as Canada o Spanish and Portuguese rely on resources from Americas 16 th century Europe o Price revolution leads to high prices, low wages, inflation o Joint-stock companies o Economic flourish through trade (commercial capitalism) o Mercantilism More export than import influx of gold and silver Improving infrastructure High tariffs on foreign goods o Increase in overseas trade global economy Effect of European expansion o Latin Americans (Europeans + Portuguese or Spanish multiracial) o Horse, cattle, plants o Catholic missionaries in Americas, Japan and China (eventually dispelled) o Columbian exchange – exportation of plants and animals o Global expansion leads to tension within Europe o Success of converting and conquering reinforces idea of European superiority Chapter 15 Spread of witchcraft o Scapegoats for crises o Decline after stabilization of governments 30 Years’ War o Took place in HRE but was a Europe-wide struggle o Peace of Augsburg ended warfare between Catholics and Lutherans in Germany, but they still fought for territory
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exam 2 outline - Chapter 14 European power begins to take...

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