COGN21 Wi1008 Mid Term Study Guide

COGN21 Wi1008 Mid Term Study Guide - COGN21: Media Methods...

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COGN21: Media Methods Winter 2008 Mid-Term Study Guide Nicki Tsang 1.8.08 Lecture The Language of theory of cinema & audiovideo media - Language of cinematic media production - Elementary skills in media production - Media production in two other areas of communications - Translation of theoretical ideas into media projects (v.v.) - Active and engage the idea of the viewer and listener - Story Board o Written stories vs. cinematic stories - Analysis of audio-visual media o Frames –sets of ideas and psychological interpretation o Time - Intention - Interpretation - Style, Form, Formal System - Genre 1. Safe Todd Haynes,1995 – affluent suburban culture 2. American Beauty (Sam Mendes, 19999, 122 minutes) 3. Scenes from the House Dream (media installations) By David Haffos, 2003-Present 4. The Most Beautiful Man in the World Alicia Duffy 2002 Safe - 1987 and Aids in San Fernando Valley - Enter home in Mercedes. o Comfortable o Wealthy o Sex - “God sees all” shows woman laying like a fish (during sex) sad and plain boring music - Couch - Exercise class scene is necessary introduction to the shot of women gossiping in the locker room - Carol is talking with a friend in a “stylish home” - We don’t’ go in as soon as Carol does - We don’t know what they’re talking about or what she was supposed to get - Mise-en-scene : doesn’t include editing but directs the look and feel of a work
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o Putting into the scene the directors control over what appears in the film frame - In Safe the house is so much bigger than Carol. It is square and cold and the fireplace is big and unlit. -
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COGN21 Wi1008 Mid Term Study Guide - COGN21: Media Methods...

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