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COMM 2254- EXAM #1 STUDY GUIDE - COMM 2254-Media Ethics...

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COMM 2254-Media Ethics Exam #1 Study Guide Fall, 2006 Chapter 1 - What is the difference between ethics and morals? Does your author use them interchangeably? What are the three branches of ethics? What are the characteristics of each branch? Ethical communication involves six factors. What are they? What characterizes each factor? Be able to apply the factors of ethical communication to a hypothetical situation. Can ethics education be taught? What does your textbook author say? Be able to argue for yes and no. A course in ethics education should cover 5 areas, what are they? Define moral reasoning. What is ethical fitness? Why is it important? Know the three principles of moral virtue and characteristics of each. What are ethical values and attitudes? How are they formed? What are the three components of attitudes? Provide an example of each component. What are the four sources of attitudes? What is the Heintz dilemma? What are the conflicting values present in the Heintz dilemma? Chapter 2
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