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Justin Dean History 3253 January 23, 2007 When it comes to war, I tend to take a utilitarian point of view: If the benefits outweigh the costs, then it is a “good” war. World War II united the nation, helped promote democracy and hinder fascism, and most importantly it brought us out of The Great Depression. To me, that makes it a “good” war. Richard Polenberg tries to counter that idea with his paper “The Good War?” but the points he makes are weak at best. First, he attacks the Office of War Industry’s “censorship” of the film industry (I use that term loosely because technically it was not censorship, the OWI just made suggestions as to what should appear in films). Polenberg thinks it was wrong that “The OWI wanted movies to extol the virtues of the American way of life and to portray the Allies as models of righteousness and the Axis as embodiments of evil” (301). This does nothing for his argument because obviously the government does not want to be portrayed as evil
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