Abortion - Dean 1 Justin Dean Moral Issues Abortion Despite...

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Dean 1 Justin Dean Moral Issues 4-18-07 Abortion Despite the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v Wade , abortion is still a highly debated moral issue in America. On one side is the belief that abortion, at any time during pregnancy, is killing an innocent life and is harming society. Respectively, on the other side are those that feel a woman’s body is her own business and the government has no right to interfere with her person choice. But is it really a moral issue? “Society” magazine is a bimonthly journal devoted to social issues and research. They feel that since Roe v Wade , America has issued “an almost unrestricted private license to judge who will live and who will die,” (Abortion Rights Harm Society, p1), and that is a “betrayal of the classic American promise of justice for all” (Abortion Rights p1). “Society” says that they have an obligation to protect all unborn children. First, “Society” looks at America’s “virtue deficit.” They say that we are not the country we ought to be. They are speaking for the “rebirth of freedom,” (Abortion Rights p2) in the United States. Abortion kills 1.5 million innocent human beings in America every year. Science no longer debates over whether or not the unborn child is a human who dies violently as a result of abortion. Terms the proponents for abortion use like “products of conception” and “termination of pregnancy” have produced feelings of indifference in a lot of people, and we should not be fooled by those attempts. The abortion license hurts women by “encouraging male irresponsibility and predatory male
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Dean 2 sexual behavior” (Abortion Rights p2). But it also harms men as well. Some watch their child be aborted against their will and others learn much later that a child they would have raised was killed. The marginalization of fatherhood is a primary cause of the breakdown of American family life. The article then looks at abortion as an abuse of rights. When the Supreme Court
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Abortion - Dean 1 Justin Dean Moral Issues Abortion Despite...

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