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Essay - standing equal to the hoplite class Transactrional...

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Essay Thermistocles How is he transactional. Thermistocles had a contact with a certain segment of the Athenian body. These are the poorest of the citizens who have no land of their own and can’t support themselves through farming. Can’t be hoplites because they can’t afford. o Somewhat disenfranchised as a portion of the citizen body. o Large in number o Therm. Has a role for them to play in Athen’s destiny. Military role. Rowers in the fleet. Athens doesn’t have much of a fleet in the 480’s. o When Athenians get silver in a silver mine he builds himself a fleet. When the Persians come back they can make a sea defense and citizens will have military
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Unformatted text preview: standing equal to the hoplite class. Transactrional in that regard. • Debate in 480 when the Athenians are trying to figure out the expression. o He lets his followers know what he thinks it means and what they should think it means. o Thermistocles will tell them what he needs. • Transformational leader. o Has a vision of Athens as a sea power – understanding that the sea is a key. Trun into a transactional program for the younger citizens. • Leaders can overlap on the three types of leadership....
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