PSC Notes 2 - 2. Jackson’s fault IV. Federal Court System...

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I. Communication A. Have to have good communication skills 1. Clinton 2. Reagan II. Federal Bureaucracy A. They run the country 1. DMV a) Epitome of federal bureaucracy B. Head of Federal Bureaucracy 1. President C. Congress 1. Acts as watchdog D. FBI 1. Watches Congress E. Employment 1. 2.5 – 3 million F. Garfield Shot 1. Pendleton Act G. In America 1. Bureaucracies implement polices 2. Agencies can become abusive a) IRS H. Supreme Court 1. Least harmful branch of government
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I. John Jay 1. First chief justice III. Supreme Court Cases A. Chisholm vs. Georgia – 1793 1. Chisholm received inheritance 2. Federal government were willing to go around courts 3. Ratified 11 th Amendment B. Marbury vs. Madison – 1801 1. Last few hours of John Adams Presidency 2. Marshall Adams is the secretary of state 3. Marbury never got his appointment C. Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia – 1823 1. Trail of tears a) Indians evacuate Georgia
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Jackson’s fault IV. Federal Court System A. Each state has at least one district court 1. 94 in all 2. Operate in original jurisdiction B. Appeal Court 1. 13 in nation 2. Federal judges have to be approved by president 3. Have to be affected of outcome of case to have standing C. Rite of Certiorari 1. Cert 2. Appeals court hear a case “to be searched” 3. All materials to be sent to court D. States attached to Statuary Law 1. Store-decisis a) Appeal to precedent E. Views of the law 1. Original a) Framers intent 2. Texturalism a) Do what the words say 3. Doctrinalism F. Judicial Attitudes 1. Attitudinal model a) Decisions on ideological, political views, the way they think the constitution should be 2. Strategic Behavior a) Judges are rational actors, not based on ideologies...
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PSC Notes 2 - 2. Jackson’s fault IV. Federal Court System...

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