Chapter 9 Chemical Reactions

Chapter 9 Chemical Reactions - Chapter 9 Chemical Reactions...

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Chapter 9 Chemical Reactions Compounds and Elements Matter: Anything that has mass and occupies space Matter can be divided into: Pure Substance Divided into two Compounds i.e.: pure water, salt, sugar, etc. elements hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, etc. Qualities Fixed, definite composition throughout Compound : can be down by chemical means to give simpler substances (H20 – H and O). Elements are a pure substance that cannot be broken down to get simpler substances; they’re fundamental. Mixture Divided into two Homogeneous Uniform properties throughout Solutions, alloys, salt in water, dissolved substances Heterogeneous Not the same throughout, sample not uniform i.e.: oil and water, sand and water, coal properties are not uniform throughout What is a mixture? Combination of two or more substances with 3 or more properties Must be separated by simple physical means Of variable composition Each component must retain it’s property Class is a mixture of boys and girls Doesn’t depend on number of boys/girls Separated by simple means (boys go left, girls right) Even though mixture, boys are boys, girls are girls
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Physical and Chemical Changes Physical change does not result in the change of that substance or lead to a new compound. No change in identity of matter. i.e. : melt ice to water, boil water) Chemical change results in the change of the identity of the matter that produces new substances i.e.: burning, cooking, spoiling food Atoms and Molecules A molecule is the smallest part of a compound or H20 is the molecule for water. Molecules of the same element can also be Na or 02 or 03 as groups or singular atoms. Atom
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Chapter 9 Chemical Reactions - Chapter 9 Chemical Reactions...

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