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06/03/2008 13:29:00 BUS 216 Short Paper Assignment #2: You will need to select from the five topics listed below and write your paper on one of them. The paper should be 5-6 pages long, double-spaced, typed, and it should include references and arguments. The paper is due in class Wednesday, April 2nd. 1. Explain the nature of advertising and then discuss the controversy about whether consumers have sovereignty in the market place flooded with ads and defend, at least provisionally, your ideas about the issue. (This is in the book where we talk about the views of Galbraith versus Hayek.) 2. Select two topics in employment ethics, based on your reading of the introductions of A Primer on Business Ethics and Business Ethics in the Global Market, and after some research discuss their pros and cons). (For example, what about "employment at will" and "affirmative action in hiring and promotion"?) 3. What's the difference between shareholder and stakeholder theories concerning corporate moral responsibility? Explain and criticize both positions, with solid scholarship to back up each side, and then defend the one you consider correct. 4. What are the basic assumptions of business ethics? Why are they indispensable? How do they show up in advertising? 5. What is capitalism and why would one support it for a just society's
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EthicsOutline2 - Guidelines 06/03/2008 13:29:00 BUS 216...

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