1981 Irish Hunger Strike

1981 Irish Hunger Strike - weeks later he died in a prison...

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1981 Irish Hunger Strike By Pat Nerney Although the conflict still continues to this day, it has improved to a stalemate. There is still hate between the Protestants and the Catholics, but there are no longer daily bombings of each other’s homes and places of worship. The hunger strike had a huge impact on the catholic movement and Sinn Fein’s political status. The motivating factor that drove the hunger strike was England ending their Special Category Status. Special Category Status basically allowed prisoners taken for political reasons to be treated like prisoners of war, so they didn’t have to do prison work or wear prison uniforms. Obviously the ending of this lead to the terrible treatment of political prisoners. In March 1, 1981 Bobby Sands the new leader of the IRA started a hunger strike. Riots began to erupt around Northern Ireland. From prison Sands was elected as the Anti- H block candidate. He won on April 9, 1981, but unfortunately was still in prison. Three
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Unformatted text preview: weeks later he died in a prison hospital for starvation. The region of Northern Ireland was filled with protests everywhere. The hunger strike did not end with Bobby Sands, rather it was the beginning. The hunger strike continued through the summer and nine other hunger strikers died. Although many of the strikers died, many other strikers were involved with the strike. Thirteen other men refused food, but were stopped by their families or taken off it. Do not let them be perceived as weak, they still suffer today from the effects of the strike, with multiple health problems. The strikes led to a wave of civil unrest and chaos. Britain was internationally criticized for their handling of the strikes. The IRA responded in a flurry of action. Their actions included a increase in membership and ultimately more political victories for the IRA in general. The strike is said to have led to the Good Friday Agreement on May 23, 1998 some 17 years later....
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1981 Irish Hunger Strike - weeks later he died in a prison...

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