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Study Review for Exam 2 Chapter 7 1) What is an arrest ? Which court case establishes a test to determine whether a person has been arrested? In what circumstances are arrests legally supported? 2) What is the Bill of Rights ? 3) When and under what court did individual rights and due process for those facing prosecution become a central focus? 4) What is electronic evidence and which case(s) pertain to its legality? 5) What are emergency searches , what provides justification for emergency searches and what court cases pertain to emergency searches? 6) What is due process and which three police actions have become legal focuses for due process cases? 7) Which constitutional amendments are key “of special significance” within the American criminal justice process? 8) Define the term “ landmark case ”. 9) What is illegally seized evidence ? 10) Which amendment pertains to search and seizure and when are individuals protected from search and seizures? 11) What is the
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