1-25-08 - Anthropologists in Europe dealt w/empirical...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-25-08 Anthropologists in Europe - dealt w/empirical; social interaction, what people were actually doing - North America focuses on culture as a whole system, not just the empirical - You can't put anthropology/cultural anthro in an "easy" definition - Ritual speech, curricular reform, autism, rodeo, aesthetics and design France: Emile Durkheim Marcel Mauss Claude Levi-Strauss England: Evans-Pritchard Radcliffe-Brown Division of Labor - Work that asked a simple question - How do a multiplicity of individuals make up a society? - How do individuals achieve consensus - How groups stay together, especially in industrial society - Distinguish between mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity - Organic solidarity, characterized "primitive societies" Mechanical/organic solidarity were "ideal types" - Like a concept for analytical purposes that no one actually achieves - Thought the two types of solidarity corresponded to the primitive and the industrial Segmentary lineage system Nuer Society in Saharan Africa Acephalous society no leader How do they stay together? All the segments were like each other, according to Durkheim. Collective consciousness - Geared toward imperative of maintaining society; keeping society together Durkheim felt that when people went to church, they did not worship God, but society Religion brings them together when society would usually break apart Elementary forms of the Religious Life Gift: Poison Married Present (prestation); don, cadeau ...
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1-25-08 - Anthropologists in Europe dealt w/empirical...

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