American 4 - January 22, 2008 Reconstruction 1865-1877...

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Unformatted text preview: January 22, 2008 Reconstruction 1865-1877 Historiography history of history Sources April 1865 Lincolns Assassination Andrew Johnson Lincolns running mate/ Vice President. Slave owner, Southerner. Ran only to get Southern votes. January 24, 2008 What Is Lincolns AIM? Reconstruction Emancipation Proclamation Lincolns Plan Congress Plan Ratification of 13 th Amendment Freedmans Bureau First Civic Rights Act Reconstruction Act Reconstruction Women seen as a threat to the republic. Territories in question: Mexican Cession land obtained from Mexico/Mexican war of 1840 Louisiana Purchase land bought by Thomas Jefferson These territories had no state government Question: Should slavery be allowed in states formed by those territories? Republicans say Slavery cannot spread to places that it does not already exist. Lincolns Aim is to do whatever it takes to preserve the union Lincoln offered the South compensation and gradual chance to having no slavery but the South refused. Jan 1863 Emancipation Proclamation only eliminated slaves from states that seceded, not boarder states. Radical Republicans wanted forced liberation in North. Do not want to punish the south to ensure it will never happen again. KKK apposed Radical Republicans. January 29, 2008 Reconstruction Lincolns Plan contingency looking for a reasonable end to keep nation together, survival of the nation Most commonly used word to end war restoration Named changed to reconstruction because there was no re-establishment of status quo. Reconstruction implies a new way of putting together Emancipation Proclamation is a turning point towards reconstruction and not restoration. Lincoln had to prove that popular democracy could work. Europe had little faith because of the idea of fractions (acting on behalf of self and not common wheel) there are some people who support Lincoln in general but not his way of war. Some northerners said let the south leave and get rid of slavery forever Problems of Reconstruction after Lincolns assassination 1. Question of who was in charge of running the war. President of congress issue of succession a reality? Lincoln said no, states said yes. Andrew Johnson former slave owner 2-3 slaves (not unusual), resents southerners 2-3% southern population had 50+ slaves Those who owned 30+ (slaveocrasy) felt it was they who led into session. The country should be under control of free white men not reformers. Gained support from congress supported Lincolns 10% plan. Johnsons job on ballad was to help Lincoln get elected. Radical republicans evening the score Spring 1865 Lincolns assassination Fall 1865 Johnson turns reconstruction to southerners not concerned with slaves and congress sees this problem First Reconstruction Act in 1867 - done because of Johnsons lack of anything over Johnsons veto Military act - maintaining order, guaranteeing rights of former slaves...
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American 4 - January 22, 2008 Reconstruction 1865-1877...

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