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Wed. Feb, 20 Notes

Wed. Feb, 20 Notes - Contributed to the development of...

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Dance 35 Wednesday February 20, 2008 Arthur Mitchell: Created Dance Theatre of Harlem in 1971. Created Dance School of Harlem in 1969. Was a dancer for NY City ballet first. First African-American dancer in a major company [1950’s]/ Dance Theatre of Harlem [An all black dance company]: John Henry Dance African-American folklore hero. Railroad worker who drives spikes through the rails into the wood. John Henry challenges the new nail driver machine to a duel. Luddites: Movement of machine breakers to resist the mechanical progress. Holding on to old values. Wins race against the steam driver but weakens himself so much that he dies.
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Unformatted text preview: Contributed to the development of social dances [Charleston, Turkey Trot]. Dances from South Africa: Most oppressed by Western Europe, but they sill allowed themselves freedom of dance. What makes the African music enjoyable to them? Try to understand the notes. There is complexity to African dance and music. Has aesthetic principle [art]. Tango: Melonga: Speech/words made by blacks and adopted by Tango to describe music and dance. Jaladera rhythm: common Tango rhythm. Melonga: spoken word/verse. Same dance technique as Tango. Faster, no pauses. Jaladera rhythm. Turning rather than just walking....
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