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mon mar 5th notes - Hands/arms telling a story just like in...

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Dance 35 Wednesday March 5 th , 2008 Hula Hula was repressed by missionaries. The auana style was influenced by Western Europe: love songs, guitar, ukulele, etc. Laka, goddess of Hula, brought Hula to the people [strong religious connection in Hula]. Pele: goddess of volcanoes, Laka’s sister. Men and women never dance together. **Auana: Modern style hula influenced by western European culture and missionaries. **Kahiko: Pre-western European hula dance. **Wahine: Women. **Kane: Men. Merrie Monarch: David Kalakaua **Mele: Song/chant. **Halau: School. **Kuma Hula: Master teacher of Hula. Kahiko Kane **Ipu: Double gourde drum. Deep sound. Natural products [flowers, grass] important in hula. War dance feel to it. Kahiko Wahine Not as strong as kahiko kane.
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Unformatted text preview: Hands/arms telling a story just like in Bharata Natyam. Dances are all encompassing. They can be about the goofiest or most profound things. Auana Costuming is more European. Grass skirts and leaves and collared shirts. Melodic singing [derived from missionary Christian songs]. Dancers are usually thin. History of Hawaii. King David Kalakaua: Merrie Monarch. Last King. 2 nd half of 1800’s. First monarch in the world to travel around the world. Revived hula. 1890’s: America takes over Hawaii. **Ilio’ ulao Kalani Organization of kumu hula that got together in 1990’s because the government wanted them to have limited access to the land. **Victoria Takamine: one of the leaders of the Ilio’ ulao Kalani...
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mon mar 5th notes - Hands/arms telling a story just like in...

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