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Psychology 1 – Introduction to Psychology Winter Quarter, 2008 Reading Guide for Chapters 5.1, 12.1-2, 14.3 pp. 150-162, 414-425, 434-464M, 509-517 Week 8 This sheet is pretty comprehensive, but you’ll notice some terms missing as you read. I chose not to emphasize these topics however you are still responsible for them. 1. Chapter 11.3 – Sexual Motivation a. Kinsey Survey i. Main findings in your own words – Human sexuality is variable. People overestimate their practice of safe sex. Men are generally more satisfied with their sex lives than women are. ii. Limitations in your own words – He only interviewed organizations like fraternities and certain groups of certain people so it wasn’t random. People could lie or just not tell the full truth. b. Gender Identity i. In your own words – whatever sex you consider yourself to be. c. Intersexes i. In your own words – People who are in the middle, have a penis and a vagina. It is hard to tell if it is a penis or a vagina. ii. Possible results of “fixing” – remove the penis/clitoris so that it is the size of a normal clitoris and lengthening the vagina. This surgery makes it much harder to orgasm. d. Sexual Orientation i. In your own words – whether you like male or female partners, neither, or both. ii. Possible determinants of orientation – being a monozygotic twin [genetics], having an older brother, prenatal sex hormones. 2. Chapter 12.1-2 – Emotions and Stress a. James-Lange theory or emotions i. In your own words – when something happens, you think about it, and then you begin an action. How you perceive the action determines what emotion you will feel. ii.
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Week_8_Guide - Psychology 1 Introduction to Psychology...

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