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Mike English F Final Paper - Nugent 1 Mike Nugent November...

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Nugent 1 Mike Nugent November 29, 2006 ENGL101 Sect. 1106 Final Paper Chenwen Hong Affirmative Action Affirmative action is an extremely controversial issue that many do not enjoy discussing, simply because it is a subject in which some may easily get offended. However, it is important to realize that this issue is a very big part of American society today, and therefore being informed on this topic is a must. It is commonly believed that affirmative action is helping those who are not brought up with the same opportunities, and therefore, is seen as a positive thing. However, there are many problems with the existence of affirmative action that people do not know about. It is having a negative impact on America not only in education, but in the workplace as well. Affirmative action gives the impression that discrimination is accepted in today’s world. Therefore, it is obvious that the topic of affirmative action is very important, since it affects almost everyone in America. Affirmative action must be eliminated as quickly as possible for several reasons; it is unnecessary, it is reverse discrimination, it admits unqualified students, and it is insulting to minorities. In order to understand why affirmative action should not exist in the United States, it is important to first understand what exactly affirmative action is. Merriam- Webster defines affirmative action as “an active effort to improve the employment or
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Nugent 2 educational opportunities of members of minority groups and women; also: a similar effort to promote the rights or progress of other disadvantaged persons.” This policy was first introduced in 1965 by President Lyndon Baines Johnson with the intention of counteracting racism that was still present despite new laws that were passed as a result of the civil rights movement. For decades, affirmative action was having a very positive effect on America. Minorities were being given opportunities to succeed that had no been there before affirmative action was instituted. However, today, minorities no long need affirmative action to receive equal treatment. This is not to say that racism no longer exists, but there is not nearly as much racism in today’s world as there was in the 1960’s, so it can be said that affirmative action is no longer needed. Many people think that affirmative action is beneficial to America both in education and in the workplace. Minorities in the past have not had equal opportunities to succeed like whites have, and it is for this reason that affirmative action was created. The best colleges would be almost completely full of white students, mostly because minorities would be living in poverty since they recently moved into the United States. Through affirmative action, minorities would be provided with the possibility of escaping
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Mike English F Final Paper - Nugent 1 Mike Nugent November...

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