Final project. Dr. Miller.

Final project. Dr. Miller. - It was the most fearsome...

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It was the most fearsome dagger High Priest Hanalla had ever laid eyes upon. A golden hilt wrapped in worn but well maintained leather gave way to a curved and serrated blade. The blade, embedded into the inner door of Hanalla’s prayer chamber, pinned a note which only escalated the menacing presence. It read… To whom it may concern: If you seek your tome, it’s left this place, I’ve stolen your map of time and space, Now days and destinies work for me No chance for you to change your fate, My plan is in action and you’re too late As you read, I summon the Gods, From the east and the south, from the west and the north, Indeed, for me, they will bring forth The election of a warrior, who battles through fire, Not the birth of a princess, or an Aztec sire. If you want to see the map, my friend Do what I say, and there shall be peace again For now it is mine, the only way to get it back Is to salvage the pieces, scrap by scrap In the far, far east, there shall lie, A nation of Knights: the Samurai. When there, you must find the strongest of these On the highest mountain, seek Mitsurugi. Hanalla clutched the note, which doomed him and mocked him. He fell to his knees, weak and consumed by fear. The birth of the royal family’s first child moved closer with each breath the queen drew. If the book was not used to foresee the future of the infant heir, there would be no telling what could come of the child’s rule. The future of the empire depended on the book’s prophesized coming of an age of peace. Hanalla knew the book had to be recovered at any cost.
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There was much Hanalla knew about the book of days and destinies. Of utmost importance was the power of the holder of the book. Whosoever held the book was endowed with power over time and space. The possibilities were endless to whoever possessed the sacred tome. With a thought, travel to anywhere on the globe was possible. The thief could literally be anywhere and everywhere. Hanalla, on the other hand, was now powerless. Without the book, his mastery of its powers was gone. Tracking down whoever stole it was going to be nearly impossible.
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Final project. Dr. Miller. - It was the most fearsome...

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