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Gender & Sexuality Journal

Gender & Sexuality Journal - as a recruiting tool built...

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John Rankin Eng 110H 11/8/05 Go Ahead…Hit Me: the Human Thirst for Violence In contemporary America the current trend is for men to embrace their emotional side and ignore more wild and untamed behaviors. Unfortunately, even though there are many benefits to being in touch with one’s feminine side, they can in no way replace the raw high of masculinity. If anything, the push for softer men has caused men to stigmatize each other as either animals or men who secretly wish they were women. Michael Norman’s short piece brings criticism of the stereotypical effeminate male to the brink of insult only to finish by smashing the stereotype with one simple observation. Even a seemingly weak man will punch another man in the face if he has to. Violence is indeed ingrained into our culture. Some will complain about the amount of carnage in a game such as those in the Grand Theft Auto series, but these same people fail to notice that the United States Army sells its own officially licensed shooter
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Unformatted text preview: as a recruiting tool built to familiarize potential recruits with the scenes they will face in combat. We watch boxing and Ultimate Fighting on television. We wrestle around with brothers or friends if only for the essence of competition. People participate in, watch, and even cheer on violence if only for the thrill. Perhaps a more feminist friendly version of Norman’s story would point out that while it is good to understand compassion, we must not forget that there is a time for brute force. More importantly, we should not push for anyone to repress natural emotions or conform to someone else’s standards. I would never try to tell a feminist that all women should act in a particular way, even though some feminists wish for all men to conform to their image of the testosterone free male. We must be careful not to create a double standard....
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Gender & Sexuality Journal - as a recruiting tool built...

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