Meehan assignment 2 - Terry Meehan MGMT 100-E59 Assignment...

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Terry Meehan MGMT 100-E59 Assignment Two p. 202, #4 Chapter seven of Understanding Business illustrates three commonly recognized management styles used by managers in the business world. Autocratic leaders make decisions for the good of the whole without additional input. Participative, or democratic, leadership involves the cooperation of managers and workers to arrive at a joint decision. Free-rein leadership employs mostly hands off leadership in which managers set goals and leave their capable employees to reach those goals through any means they see fit. Inside of the heading of autocratic leadership, the text cites three subsets of managers set across a spectrum of decreasing autonomy. The most autocratic subset of manager makes decisions and communicates these decisions to the workforce. There is no employee involvement in the decision making process and no chance for objection. A close friend of mine encountered a manager who used this style when he worked at a regional convenience store (company names will be withheld). His manager, Kathy, often referred to the store as her “ship” and herself as the “captain.” It was a very telling choice of words. In such a setting, a captain’s word is absolute. Kathy wanted to run the convenience store in the same way. Her management style was largely ineffective due to the fact that much of her work involved working alongside her employees. Her abrasive
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manner and desire for absolute control made such working conditions difficult for manager and employee alike. The second subset of autocratic management makes the decisions and sells his employees on his decisions. This style gives the employees the illusion that they have input while the manager remains the only one making the decisions. A video game store I used to frequent had a manager that fits this description. James was a younger, up and coming manager who was looking to prove himself and improve his career standing within his industry. In the instances when I saw him interacting with his employees, I noticed that he was very adept at talking them into things. Whether it was convincing
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Meehan assignment 2 - Terry Meehan MGMT 100-E59 Assignment...

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