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Adam Zakheim Discussion Questions The Jesuit Relations Introduction… 1. In the second paragraph on page 70, the author describes the various treatments and medicines used by the Jesuits. How do you think these practices appeared to Indians, unfamiliar with such practices? 2. “As the Jesuits struggled to explain to their readers…they tended to focus more on the ultimate question of why, rather than on the immediate question of how, disease spread” (71). Is this a staple of Jesuit philosophy? On the accounts of disease… 1. “For the most part, [the Indians] think of nothing but their stomachs and of the means for prolonging their miserable lives…” (81). Although the commentator admits the Jesuit’s desire to save souls, not cure illness, incurred the animosity of the Indians, phrases like the one quoted above indicate a lack of compassion and sympathy on the part of the Jesuits. Is this lack of compassion part of Jesuit religious policy, or does it reveal a broader cultural bias? 2.
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