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© 2006 eidoserve , inc. all rights reserved. Kevin Mooney Case: Intro to Entrepreneurship Preparation Questions: 1. What should Kevin Mooney do and why? 2. What criteria and considerations should be weighed, and how? 3. What are the relevance, risks, and rewards of the two opportunities and their implications in terms of Kevin Mooney’s “apprenticeship”? Kevin Mooney: As the elevator descended silently to the lobby, Kevin Mooney mused confidently about the decision he was facing: whether or not to resign from Price Waterhouse, the prestigious accounting firm, and accept a position with a new, still quite small software company. He wondered how many of his colleagues at Price Waterhouse would opt to leave the security of a big business for a challenge like the one at Softcorp, Inc. He would be director of international marketing at a small software firm specializing in financial and accounting softwrae packages for mainframe computers. The company’s sales were just over $1 million, and it had no international customers. Nobody in the company even has a passport! Kevin thought this opportunity was filled with chances to exercise his entrepreneurial talents. He liked the founders of the company, its products had growth potential, and he would be an important part of the management team, so they said. Yet, the future at Price Waterhouse was very bright. He wondered what he should do. His Background: Kevin gave his father much of the credit for forging his entrepreneurial spirit. Nothing Kevin did was ever quite good enough for his father. His constant criticism made Kevin fiercely independent and willing to take on challenging tasks just to prove to himself that he could do them. Consequently, he often recognized opportunities where others didn’t. During high school in Philadelphia, the ham radio club he had organized needed money to buy equipment. Kevin figured the club could raise the money doing what it knew best – working with electrical equipment. He founded his first venture, Rapid Radio Repair at Reasonable Rates, a company which repaired small appliances for neighbors, offering reliable service, pickup, and delivery. The neighbors like the service, and the venture kept the club running. After high school, Kevin Mooney enrolled at Cornell University as an engineering major.
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Kevin-Mooney-Case - Kevin Mooney Case: Intro to...

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