studyguide - HIST 3613 STUDY GUIDE Usamah Ibn Munqidh:...

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HIST 3613 STUDY GUIDE Usamah Ibn Munqidh: Syrian prince & diplomat; 12 th century; memoirs for purpose of moral & practical instruction; later life in Damascus; traveled extensively in Syria, Palestine & Egypt; wide circle of acquaintances; most important Arabic chroniclers during Crusades; writes about Franks & relations between Christians & Muslims; writes= Franks have no virtues except for bravery; really only like knights (they are just); talks of man who converts to Islam then back to Christianity – says “may Allah the most high cleanse the world of this race!”; surprised at some Frankish intelligence; says “inhuman” Franks are the new arrivals (don’t understand Muslims): Franks have no honor no understand jealously (women); Usamah likes ppl who are like him (noble/aristocrat); sheds light on relations of Muslims/Christians after the battle; how the Crusades were to fight the infidel, but now living amongst them… accepting Muslims is key to maintaining a hold on Jerusalem… new arrivals still have echoes of Urban’s sermon in their head Antioch: greatest city of the ancient Roman Empire; huge fortifications w/ long walls and 100’s of towers; citizens=Greek & Armenian Christian though under control by Turks; 1 st Crusade= 9 month siege of Antioch; winter 1097-98 starvation among troops; cared more about getting supplies than the blockade; 1098-Turks defeat lead them to march to relieve Antioch; seems hopeless…. . Bohemond was able to corrupt guard to let the army into the city=June 3 rd 1098… Crusaders entered city. .. captured Antioch. Once Turks arrived… Crusades being besieged; no food in city… more starvation; Byzantium troops that were on their way turned back (thanks to Stephen of Blois); then Peter claimed he had a vision of the holy lance…found it…used it in battle and defeated the Turks; Crusaders said it was a miracle, a sign from God that they are to defeat the infidels and capture back Christian lands; God helped them in battle… a reinforcement of the Crusade mission; victory placed Crusaders at their best position since leaving Constantinople- controlled large port city & strategic region from Antioch to Edessa… led to disagreements among the Crusade leaders… Bohemond wanted the city… Raymond disagreed; throughout all Crusades remained an important city for Christians & Crusades to Jerusalem; Principality of Antioch attacked by Nur Ad-Din during 2 nd Crusade… eastern part lost then became vassal of Byzantium dar al-harb: name given to describe the rest of the world not under Islam rule or control; “House of War”; ppl living there don’t even have right to live; see Crusaders as in dar al-harb… thus jihad should be waged against them Battle of Manzikert: Byzantium suffered defeat from Turks in 1071; important precursor to the Crusades; Turks were able to capture Anatolia; now the Turks right across the Bosporus from Constantinople; Emperor Alexius Comnenus I comes to power and raises spirits and a large army to defend against external threats; also
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studyguide - HIST 3613 STUDY GUIDE Usamah Ibn Munqidh:...

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