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social psychology (102) ch. 11 key terms

social psychology (102) ch. 11 key terms - The view that...

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Chapter 11 o AGGRESSION Behavior intended to harm another individual o INTRUMENTAL AGGRESION Inflicting harm in order to obtain something of value o EMOTIONAL AGGRESION Inflicting harm for its own sake o SOCIAL LEARINING THEORY The theory that behavior is learned through the observations of others as well as through the direct experience of rewards and punishments o FRUSTRATION-AGGRESION HYPOTHESIS The idea that 1) frustration always elicits the motive to aggress and 2)all aggression is caused by frustration o DISPLACEMENT Aggressing against a substitute target because aggressive acts against the source of the frustration are inhibited by fear or lack of access o CATHARSIS A reduction of the motive to aggress that is said to result from any imagined, observed, or actual act of aggression o AROUSAL-EFFECT-MODAL The proposition that aggression is influenced by both the intensity of arousal and the type of emotion produced by a stimulus o COGNITIVE NEOSSOCIATION ANALYSIS
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Unformatted text preview: The view that unpleasant experiences cause a negative effect, with in turn stimulates associations connected with fear and anger. Emotional and behavioral outcomes then depend, at least in part, on higher order cognitive processing o WEAPONS EFFECT The tendency of weapons to increase the likelihood of aggression by their mere presence o HOSTILE ATTRIBUTION BIAS The tendency to perceive hostile intent in others o MITIGATING INFORMATION Information about a persons situation indicating that he or she should not be held fully responsible for aggressive actions o DESENSITATION Reduction in emotion-related physiological reactivity in response to a stimulus o CULTIVATION The process by which the mass media (particularly tv) construct a version of social reality for public o PORNOGRAPHY Explicit sexual material o CYCLE OF VIOLENCE The transmission of domestic violence across generations...
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