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English 100z: Intro to Analytical Writing Day 1-5: by small fountain, in front of the entrance to the campus center. See people talking on cell phones People in a rush to get to class etc. People smoking A person dropped their pen A group of frat kids trying to recruit people to join A person dressed up as an animal People sitting around the fountain Someone was posting flyers on a wall Someone tripped and dropped their books A couple was holding hands and kissing People throwing out trash A guy locking up his bike Two guys playing Frisbee A girl was on her laptop Someone spilled their coffee You could hear the water splashing as it falls
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Unformatted text preview: The sun going behind the clouds Someone jogging Several people listening to music on an ipod. People writing in a notebook Girls checking/ doing their makeup Several people texting Kids throwing around a football Janitor cleaning up trash Someone tying their shoe A group of guys yelling loudly A person was crying People swinging around their keys People eating lunch , while sitting on the fountain Person putting up a banner People picketing for a cause People laughing A guy throwing a penny into the fountain A girl chewing gum, and blowing a bubble....
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