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Conflict Resolution - Michael Kissane Rough Draft This past...

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Michael Kissane Rough Draft This past summer I worked for C.W. Landscape and Design. At seven o’clock in the morning, I arrived at the shop on time like every other day. My boss Chris Warner gave me the job assignment for the day and told me to take another worker along named Marconi. Our task for the day was to travel to Chris’s next door neighbor’s mother’s house that he had previously been to once before. He explained to me that this place looked like a “jungle” and had been overgrown with weeds and plants for many years. Our specific task was very general; trim overgrown trees, extract weeds from the flower beds, and do a general clean-up. He also mentioned at the end of giving me the tasks not to worry about finishing today, he realized it was a lot of work. After a forty five minute drive, Marconi and I arrive at the job site. We did a walk around of the house to set a plan for the day. We realized we have a good amount of work ahead of us, and that Chris has not exaggerated, for this place really did look like a jungle. As we went back to the truck, we started taking out all of the necessary tools and getting things ready. We decided to start trimming the bushes and trees and got to work. It was a very hot day, but the large trees kept Marconi and I covered. We were both in a relaxed and good mood since we both get along very well. After about an hour of work on the side of the house, things were going very smooth. Marconi was on the ladder trimming the larger trees as I swept up the falling pieces and brought them into the woods. As I was bringing the scraps into the backyard where we were told to dump them by Chris, an older lady came out from the back door and approached me. I dropped what I was doing and went over to greet her. She said “Hello, How are you?” and went on to talk to me for a short time. We both introduced ourselves and she said her name was Caroline. After introducing ourselves and a little side conversation, Caroline asked “Is
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Conflict Resolution - Michael Kissane Rough Draft This past...

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