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CHEM 222 Chapter 2 Homework 1. What are the shapes of the methyl cation (CH 3 + ) and the methyl anion (CH 3 - )? Would you classify the methyl cation as a Lewis base (nucleophile)? 2. Which of the following will have a larger O-N-O bond angle, NO 2 or NO 2 - ? 3. For the compound shown below: N O OH O N a) Indicate sp and sp 2 -hybridized carbons in the structure b) What is the hybridization state of the ketone carbon? c) What is expected bond angle for the circled region? d) Locate an example of a highly polarized covalent single bond e) Identify the functional groups in the molecule f) Indicate with an asterisk the most basic site in the molecule 4. Write structural formulae for all alkenes with molecular formula C 2 H 2 Br 2 and C 2 Br 2 F 2 . Predict the dipole moment of each compound.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Draw Lewis structures for trimethylamine, (CH 3 ) 3 N, trimethyl boron, (CH 3 ) 3 B, trifluoromethane, CF 4 and dimethyl ether, CH 3 OCH 3 and indicate: a) the hybridization state of the central atom. b) the bond angles expected at the central atom. c) whether you expect the molecule to have a dipole moment. 6. Rank the following compounds in order of increasing boiling point and explain your reasoning O OH A B C 7. Write resonance structures for the following species. Use curved arrow formalism to show movement of electrons. a) azide ion (N 3-) b) NH 2 + NH 2 Would you expect both bonds in the azide ion to be the same length?...
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