Semiotic Analysis Space Rough Draft

Semiotic Analysis Space Rough Draft - Geoffrey Hopkins...

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Geoffrey Hopkins Lillian Bertram 3/7/08 Although it is obvious that the University of Illinois values the education students receive more than the comfort of dormitory living given to the students during their college career, what is surprising is how much living conditions and the students’ comfort are undervalued at the university. The dorm rooms were built using the cheapest materials. The furniture was cheap, and old, and uncomfortable. Upon moving in, it was evident that the Housing Staff of the University of Illinois did not do a very good job of cleaning the dorm rooms. It is also evident that the University does not even care about the comfort of the handicapped when living in University Housing. All of these elements combined send a message to the student that the university does not care for the student’s comfort. The university only cares about maximizing profit and making the most money possible. The residence hall I am analyzing is Scott Hall which is a part of what is called the Six- Pack, a cluster of six dorms located on the south west corner of the University of Illinois. The layout of the Scott Hall dorm rooms are pretty much the same as the other dormitories on campus. The dorms are made of the same material. The furniture is mostly the same except for a few differences in the material. Illinois Street Residence Hall is a newer dormitory which has newer furniture which is made of a cheap combination of wood and plastic. Even though there are minor differences, all of the University of Illinois dormitories all send the same information. The University cares more about money than the student’s comfort.
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Normally the contract for the construction of a new building goes to the lowest bidder. This is definitely the case when it comes to university housing at the University of Illinois. The walls are a very cheap kind of concrete which although appear to be very thick and soundproof, offer little privacy. It is as if the dorm rooms are separated be a thin sheet of ply wood. The sound pierces through the wall as easy as a knife through butter. This is demonstrated by my neighbor and his girlfriend almost every night. The floor is made of a cheap tiling which has not been preserved all too well as shown by the decomposition of the grout and tile adhesive. There is only one cheap fluorescent light on the ceiling which is often too bright and is likely to hurt the eyes of the student and cause them to study elsewhere. There is no air conditioning because
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Semiotic Analysis Space Rough Draft - Geoffrey Hopkins...

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