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Homework 6: due Tuesday (Oct. 12) ENEE204 (Gomez) 1. Design a resistive voltage divider with the input resistance 1k and divider ratio 5:2, i.e. Find R1 and R2. 2. Consider the following voltage divider circuit. a. Write down the expression for the ratio of amplitudes Vo/Vin as a function of frequency. b. What is the value of the ratio for DC and for very high
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Unformatted text preview: frequencies? c. Given that, R = 1kΩ, C = 1µF, L = 10mH and Vin = 100cos(10 4 t), find Vo. 3. Find the equivalent impedance between points A and B for the circuits given below. Show all steps. a. b. c. 4. Using symmetry find the equivalent impedance across A and B for the given circuit....
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