EXAM 2 - EXAM 2 Study Guide Lobbying The process by which...

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EXAM 2: Study Guide Lobbying: The process by which interest group members or lobbyists attempt to influence public policy through contacts and public officials. Economic Interest Groups- Their primary purpose is to provide economic benefits to their respective memberships. They mobilize to protect particular economic interests and are the most fully and effectively organized of all the interest groups; -One of the most influential groups in the U.S Chamber of Commerce. – They represent more than 200,000 companies nationwide, the Chamber’s annual dues exceed $30 million. Historically, the big three of economic interest groups were Business groups-Include trade and professional groups such as American Medical Association Labor Organization-AFL-CIO– American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations Which includes the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the Sheet Metal Workers, and the Communications Workers of America. Professional Groups-ABA---American Bar Association AAUP– American Association of University Professors Citizen Groups- The members of groups in this category are brought together not for the main purpose of economic gain, but by purposive incentives. – Purposive incentives They have a harder time acquiring the resources for organization. They offer collective (public) goods as an incentive for memberships. – The Free Rider problem -- Individuals can receive the good even when they do not contribute to the group’s effort. Types of Citizen Groups: Public Interest Groups -The mission of public interest groups is to protect the rights, resources, and liberties common to all. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) -Dates back to the First World War Known primarily for its involvement in legal battles related to the abuse of civil liberties. Environmental Organizations such as the Sierra Club and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). – They work within the political system to achieve policies that protect the environment. – The Nature Conservancy uses contributions from its members to purchase and preserve underdeveloped open spaces. Single Issue Groups -Have a concentration in one area generally leads to greater zeal in a group’s lobbying efforts. – What are the most visible single-issue groups today? Right to life groups (National Right to Life
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Committee) Pro-Choice groups (NARAL—Pro-Choice America) NRA– National Rifle Association Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Governmental Units- State and local governments lobby the federal government or even charitable foundations for money for a vast array of state and local programs. – They want to make sure they get their fair share of federal dollars Grassroots lobbying- letter writing, editorials, and petitions Free-rider problem- Individuals can receive the good even when they do not contribute to the groups effort.
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EXAM 2 - EXAM 2 Study Guide Lobbying The process by which...

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