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Corbin Dean CORE Journal # 3 – Deconstructing Race I am not going to talk about deconstructing race. Instead, I am going to discuss why I feel that it is either impossible, or very difficult to rid the planet of the idea of race. My first point is that physical differences and stereotypes are the definite cause of race. The first cause is the obvious physical difference that is visible. I agree that there is no genetic difference between a black person and a white person, but there is still that difference in color that causes an automatic separation between Caucasians, African Americans, Asians, Indians, etc. I will be honest, when I look at someone of a different ethnicity and there is a definitive physical difference between that person and I, the idea of race is initiated within my mind. I have yet to develop the ability to see a person’s genetic makeup and decide if there really is a difference between us. This physical difference is what spawned the very idea of race and it is what gave
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