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-1Chapter 9 The Recovery and Growth of European Society in the High Middle Ages I. Land and People in the High Middle Ages * after invasions during early middle ages stopped conditions and agriculture improved A. The New Agriculture * Iron used a lot * learned to harness the power of water and wind * 3 field system B. Daily Life of the Peasantry * peasants lives were determined by the seasons * women expected to carry and bear their children and still work the fields * high consumptions of alcohol drank daily C. The Aristocracy of the Middle Ages * The Way of the Warrior - at 7 or 8 sons sent to clerical school (religious career) or another nobleman’s castle to learn how to be a noble - chief lessons were military ones - chivalry * Aristocratic Women - managed the estate -expected to be subservient to their husbands - Eleanor of Aquitaine- heiress to the duchy of Aquitaine in southwestern France II. The New World of Trade and Cities A. The Revival of Trade
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