chapter 10 - Chapter 10 The Rise of Kingdoms and the Growth...

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-1 Chapter 10 The Rise of Kingdoms and the Growth of Church Power I. The Emergence and Growth of European Kingdoms A. England in the High Middle Ages * William of Normandy- defeated King Harold and the Anglo-Saxons at the battle of Hastings - crowned king of England and began to combine Anglo-Saxon and Norman institutions - created a strong, centralized monarchy * Henry II- founder of the Plantagenet dynasty - replaced local laws with a body of common laws * King John- forced to seal the Magna Carta - said monarchs powers are limited, not absolute * Edward I- English Parliament emerged B. The growth of the French Kingdom * King Philip II Augustus- waged war against Plantagenet rulers of England * Louis IX- greatest of the medieval French kings - attempted to bring justice to his people; named a saint * Philip IV the Fair- strengthened French monarchy - 3 branches of royal administration: a council for advice, a chamber of accounts for finances, and a parlement or royal court * Estates General- first French Parliament consisting of clergy, nobles and townspeople C. Christian Reconquest: The Spanish Kingdoms * Spain originally was Muslim * Christian recon quest at the end of 15 th century * King Alfonso X- “king of 3 religions” promoted Judaism, Christianity and Islam D. The Lands of the Holy Roman Empire: Germany and Italy * Otto I- crowned emperor of Rome by pope in 962 - created a new “Roman Empire”…was a burden of Germany who had to rule Italy as well * Fredrick I and Fredrick II- 2 most famous members of the Hohenstaufen dynasty Fredrick I - tried to create a new empire in Italy - over thrown Fredrick II- brilliant emperor but overthrown by the Italians unwilling to join as
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chapter 10 - Chapter 10 The Rise of Kingdoms and the Growth...

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