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EVAL rubric - being evaluated meets the criteria If the...

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EVALUATION ARGUMENT NAME: ______________________ The questions that follow are adapted from A Rhetoric of Argument, Chapter 8. The strongest aspect of your argument was: Needs work Good Excellent CLAIM Is the judgment (or claim) clear? Is the claim too sweeping, or is it appropriately qualified? Does the writer establish significance of claim and/or show why the issue is controversial? SUPPORT (If necessary) Does the argument explain or defend the criteria used to evaluate? Is enough evidence offered to ensure that what is
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Unformatted text preview: being evaluated meets the criteria? If the evaluation is a comparison, does the argument clearly demonstrate that the subject is better than the alternative? AUDIENCE Is the tone suited to the audience? Does the argument effectively appeal to the knowledge, values, & beliefs of the intended audience? ORGANIZATION & STYLE Is the organization effective? Does the writer demonstrate skill with language? GRADE:...
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