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-1Chapter 18 The Eighteenth Century: European States, International Wars and Social Change I. The European States A. Enlightened Absolutism? * everyone was entitled to natural rights * an enlightened ruler allow religious freedom, freedom of speech and right to own private property *Catherine the Great, Joseph II, and Frederick II ruled by enlightened principles B. The Atlantic Seaboard States a. FRANCE: THE RULE OF LOUIS XV AND LOUIS XVI - Louis XV- left to rule at 5 - lazy and weak and influenced by mistresses and ministers who began to run the state - Louis XVI- didn’t know how to run the French gov’t and soon a revolution broke out b. GREAT BRITAIN: KING AND PARLIAMENT - king and parliament ran the government together - House of Lords- peers; House of Commons- landed gentry -Robert Walpole- prime minister 1721-1742 - pursued peaceful foreign policy to avoid new taxes C. Absolutism in Central and Eastern Europe a. PRUSSIA: THE ARMY AND THE BUREAUCRACY
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Unformatted text preview: -Frederick William I- promoted the evolution of Prussia’s civil bureaucracy -established General Directory to do so - produced the fourth largest army- Frederick the Great- well educated- granted limited freedom of speech and complete religious tolerance- took a great interest in military affairs (used it more often) b. THE AUSTRIAN EMPIRE OF THE HASBURGS- Empress Maria Theresa- managed to make administrative reforms that helped centralized the Austrian Empire-Joseph II- abolished serfdom, established principle of equality through all law- complete religious tolerance; restriction on Catholic church- proved overwhelming for Austria; failed c. RUSSIA UNDER CATHERINE THE GREAT- Catherine II- Peter III’s wife- Instruction- question serfdom, death penalty, advocated equality for all people in law- favored landed nobility; leading to rebellion- Emelyan Pugachev- led a rebellion that soon spread across Russia (crushed)...
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  • Maria Theresa of Austria, Frederick II of Prussia, Catherine II of Russia, Louis XV, Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor, A. Enlightened Absolutism

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