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Prosepctus - 5 What are the possible connections that your research might yield Why write such a document It gives the researcher a place to start

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History 290, Spring 2007- Prospectus Project At the base of every great (or even good) thesis paper is an organizational blueprint. This intellectual activity involved in this exercise may be challenging, but it will be invaluable for your later work in this class. What is a Prospectus? It is a multi-page document that serves to identify initially the five vital questions about your personal research topic: 1. What is it? 2. Why is it important and why do you think it is important? 3. How does it work, or, more historically speaking, where does your topic fit into the pre-existing historiographical debate? 4. What does it mean? Accurate or competing definitions are really important here, and it takes research to discover these things.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What are the possible connections that your research might yield? Why write such a document? It gives the researcher a place to start work, hypothesis to substantiate or dispute, and a means that can supply focus and direction. What does this assignment consist of? Two parts: 1. Text : three to five pages than addresses the five questions PLUS 2. Annotated Bibliography : your work will include at least seven books; four academic journal articles, and two internet sites. You will list and summarize each source in a well-written paragraph. This paragraph should include a description and an evaluation of its potential usefulness. Due: In class (at 12:45 PM) on Thursday, March 8....
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