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Chapter 6 Sexuality

Chapter 6 Sexuality - A Biological male and female sexes B...

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Chapter 6 Sexuality A. What periods in U.S. history were more, and less, sexually permissive? B. Would we describe our society today as being more controlling of sexuality or more permissive of it? C. Premarital sex today 1. Attitudes: most (63%) see nothing or little wrong with it 2. Behavior: 3/4 of male and 2/3 of female h.s. seniors D. Extramarital sex today 1. Attitudes: most (92%) believe it is always or almost always wrong 2. Behavior: again, more do it: 75% of men, 90% of women are faithful II. Terms A. Sexual activity B. Sex exposure C. Sexuality as controversy III. Sexuality and Gender
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Unformatted text preview: A. Biological: male and female sexes B. Cultural: masculine and feminine genders 1. Culture shapes the expression of our biologically given sexuality IV. Sexuality A. Biological or environmental basis? B. How many homosexuals? C. Gay rights movement: greater openness and acceptance since 1970, and especially since 1990 V. Sexual Controversies A. Pornography: depravity and exploitation of women or free speech? B. Prostitution: victimless crime? C. Abortion: killing unborn children or exercising personal choice? VI. Theoretical Perspectives A. Structural-functionalism: functional aspects of sex in society B. Social-conflict: focus on sex inequality...
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