entomology 10-9 - 3. victim rubs feces and trypanasoma into...

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Hemiptera Hemi- half Ptera-wings Common names: bugs, aphids, scales, cicadas Species- 68,000 Hemiptera 1. incomplete metamorphosis 2. piercing and sucking mouthparts 3. pest of crops 4. transmit disease “True Bugs” 1. mouthparts (“beak”) swing forward 2. many species are predators 3. base of forewing is hardened 4. back of forewing is membranous 5. many have stink glands Assassin Bug: piercing/sucking mouthparts Vector: a means of biological transfer For Human Disease Know: 1. common name of disease 2. scientific name of disease agent 3. disease agent= what type of organism (protozoan, bacterium, virus) 4. arthropod vector Chagas’ Disease 1. vector: assassin bug (kissing bug) 2. disease: trypanasoma cruzi (protozoan) 3. one million people die per year 4. primarily in South America 5. attacks the heart 6. hard to diagnose; no cure 7. reservoir hosts are opossums and armadillos Spread of Chagas’ Disease 1. kissing bug feeds on victim at night 2. kissing bug defecates on victim’s face
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Unformatted text preview: 3. victim rubs feces and trypanasoma into wound Xenodiagnosis of Chagas’ Disease: 1. laboratory kissing bug feed on patient 2. 10 days later: look for trypanasoma in kissing bug feces Aphids: 1. mouthparts (“beak”) swing down 2. plant feeders 3. membranous wings 4. major agricultural pests 5. have many predators 6. give birth to nymphs 7. plant defense=sticky hairs 8. usually wingless 9. overpopulation results in winged aphid Honeydew: a sweet sticky substance excreted by aphids. Honeydew production by Aphids: 1. aphids excrete excess liquid as honeydew 2. honeydew attracts ants 3. honeydew can cause fungal or bacterial growth on plant 4. honeydew may have been the Manna of the Bible Hemiptera Diversity: 1. bugs 2. aphids 3. scales 4. cicadas 5. spittlebugs Aphids: 1. piercing-sucking mouthparts 2. tended by ants for honeydew...
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entomology 10-9 - 3. victim rubs feces and trypanasoma into...

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