study guide - African Eden -Australopithecus- >1.5...

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-1 African Eden -Australopithecus- >1.5 million years ago; Family Groupings/ tools; flourished in East and South Asia - Homo Erectus- 1-1.5 million years ago; developed in Africa; larger and more varied tools; left Africa for Europe and Asia - Homo Sapiens- 150,000 years ago; most human like; began to spread outside of Africa -Paleolithic- Greek for “Old Stone”; 2,500,000-10,000 B.C.; hunting and gathering society; lived in small bands of 20-30; men and women responsible for finding food; found shelter in caves;. Found use for fire; making tools and use of fire; cave paintings for religious or decorative purposes - Neolithic- 10,000-4,000 B.C.; Greek for “new stone”; shifted from hunting and gathering to agriculture; permanent settlements appeared; weapons and jewelry traded with nearby tribes; houses for god and goddess figurines; organized community; people learned crafts; woman had less power and stayed at home; the invention of writing -River Valleys- Tiger-Euphrates - “Fertile Crescent” modern Iraq, Southern Turkey, Lebanon and southern Israel; Mesopotamia- Sumerian people, large scale irrigation; good framing due to location; trade and skills developed; classes develop; Summeria - 3000 BCE; city states; early civilization of the fertile Crescent; developed cuneiform -Fertile Crescent- see above; people established civilizations built on agriculture
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study guide - African Eden -Australopithecus- >1.5...

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