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fit in the 90's - I learned about working out to the point...

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Knes 342 8:30 TR November 15, 2007 Video Assignment A. Name of Video: Fit or Fat in the 90’s B. One or Two Things I Learned: That Cholesterol is kid of a wax. In a fit person, the Cholesterol is wrapped in proteins by the liver and is transformed into HDL, which is good for the body. When a person is unfit, the liver cannot cover the cholesterol in proteins and the cholesterol stays as LDL, floats, and collects throughout the blood stream C. the Aspect or Principle I have Experienced In The Video And/ Or How the Material Pertains To Me:
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Unformatted text preview: I learned about working out to the point that I can talk. Usually when I work out D. How I Can Apply the Content in the Video to Myself E. Define Low Intensity Exercise and What Does It Burn? That you are doing an exercise that works out the whole body such as jogging so all the muscles are being worked out, unlike a bicycle that usually only works out the legs. F. What are the 3 Basic Rules to Follow When trying to Burn fat as You Exercise 1. Big Muscles 2. Long and Steady 3. Can Talk when exercising...
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