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Ch8 - Frederick evans – big steps of the cathedral...

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1Ch. 8 Roman – ideal guy looking at everything like being an honor with indians. Curtis was posing the native Americans because they were just a dying race. (Roman/Curtis shot together) From Seagal down they were all pictoralists. ((look up pictoralists) Seagletts started off with pictoralist went on to motion photo. Also responsible for a gallery in new york city (291) showed tons of artwork. Brought attention to younger photographers with his magazines. Peter emerson – book – naturalistic photography v. passionate. Made lots of speeches – talked a lot of smack. Talked about rules of photography – emulate paintings then years later he took everything back – still a pictoralist. Robert demache – gum by chromates – paint on the emulsion gives a painterly feel. Austrian – heinrich kuhn also did gum by chromates. He has portrait of lady with a big hat.
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Unformatted text preview: Frederick evans – big steps of the cathedral. Another set of stairs going back. British photog who focused on cathedrals in England and france. Gertrude caisaveir- v. successful portrait studio – gum by chromates and platinum prints. "Blessed art thou among woman" famous photo. Clarence White – made sets – young women in costume – real dramatic lights. Edward steickand – portraits of famous people – rhodan with huge beard photo. Several careers. Assisted with gallery 291. f. Holland Day- friends with seagletts and steickland- seagletts got angry with him because he posed himself as Christ in the passion of the Christ. Alvin Langdon covern – from boston – seagletts took under wing – started off doing landscapes. Moved onto cityscapes....
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