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-1Haidet 1 Allie Haidet English 101 Professor Buckman 3/8/08 Childlike Innocence and Strange Instances Are Not A Good Combination In 1929, moviegoers experienced big changes in the motion picture business. Because sound and voices were added to movies, the bar was raised by people both in front of and behind the cameras. Alfred Hitchcock became a leader in the director field, and Blackmail put him on the map. His characters connected to the audience better than before, and seemed to make the storyline deeper. They express more sensation than actors in the past. In one particular character, their personality and character flaws are easy to detect with the addition of sound. Alice White's childlike nature and innocent banter had a flirtatious undercurrent, which led her into a strange and unsavory situation that haunted her for the rest of the film. Alice displayed her naiveté many times throughout the film, but her scene with the artist Crewe stood out. Her demonstration started before she even entered his apartment building. The whole conversation between Crewe and Alice was filled with playful banter and teasing actions. It appeared that he was a less than wholesome man because he was inviting a young single woman up into his apartment late at night. Alice appeared to not even realize what Crewe hinted at. Either that thought did not cross Alice's mind, or she was willing to take a risk. Her unconditional trust brings the thought of a child's confidence with strangers to mind. There are not too many reasons men invite
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women upstairs at night, and back in the 1920s, this would probably be unacceptable and frowned upon. Even though Alice is making excuses not to come up, they are feeble and she is practically begging him to change her mind. After they walked into the apartment, Alice became even more childlike. The paint easel exchange is a prime example. She acted helpless in order to get his attention away from making drinks, just like a child
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Blackmail - Haidet 1 Allie Haidet English 101 Professor...

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