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StudentCompiledMidterm1Review - 1 Student Compiled Midterm...

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1 Student Compiled Midterm Review 1. According to Flynn and Giraldez, what location was the main contributor to the creation of the world trade system, through its participation in the silver exchange? A. India B. Europe C. United States D. China E. Spain 2. _________________ focuses on the emergence of a stratified class system that comes from the breakdown of society into the core, semi-periphery and periphery. A. Wallerstein B. Arrighi C. Silver D. Flynn/ Giraldez 3. From the reading by Flynn and Giralez, what city was the primary commercial center that linked direct and continuous trade between America and Asia? A. London B. Manila C. New York City D. Madrid E. Beijing 4. Culture is… A. the belief of the majority, specifically collective knowledge and beliefs B. where smaller groups (counter-culture) break out and create alternative views C. created over a long period of time. 5. What was one form of terror that the ruling class used? A. They made them walk the plank B. They threatened them with sharks. C. They hung the pirates publicly. D. They took their land and money. 6. Dafoe… A. was loved by the public B. Wrote about the slave trade C. Was considered controversial because he sympathized with the pirates. D. Was hung. 7. What is a characteristic of the semi-periphery? A. system built upon agriculture B. system built upon industrialization C. Dominant hegemonic power 8. From a hyperglobalist perspective, the nation state: A. is becoming more central and powerful in the new global era B. is losing its role in the global market and becoming simply a channel C. has not been affect by globalization D. A & B
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2 9. Process of enclosures: A. Gave everybody a specified area of land to live and thrive on
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StudentCompiledMidterm1Review - 1 Student Compiled Midterm...

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