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October 1, 2007 1) What is cultural anthropology? Study of contemporary human existence a) Nascent : still in a state of development i) as opposed to the conscious anthropologist b) Articulate : put together; to speak c) Naturalization : the process by which we are taught (ex: not noticing why we shake hands; we just do it) d) Enculturation : process by which we learn to be human/cultural beings e) Ultimate vs . Proximate Causes: VIEW IN DEGREES i) Ultimate (the why): taken for granted understandings of the world; latent function; deep seated (internalized); largely unquestioned
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Unformatted text preview: ii) Proximate( the what and how): those “in front of us”; manifest function. 2) Culture is: a) Patterned, learned (shared), behavior (of body and mind) b) NOT the following i) Intellectual and moral development (refinement; high culture; “civilization”). This is too exclusive ii) Exotic practices; magical; ritual; witchcraft 3) Epiphenomenal: tangential to; loosely related to a) Culture is not epiphenomenal b) It is integral : an essential part of OUR LIVES...
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