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Dysfunctional family upload - The Affect of a Households...

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The Affect of a Households Environment The environment that one grows up in has an immense affect on how they view life and the molding of their personality. If a person is brought up in a run down, welfare family, they look at the environment and don’t see much too look forward to in the future. On the other hand if they are brought up in a well off family that encourages them to do the best they can and to succeed in life, than more often than not they will be successful in life. The environment in which one is born into will follow that person throughout their life and in the end determine what type of person they will become. Everyone in the family looks up to the parenting figures of the household. In some it may be the mother and father or in others it is the legal guardians, whatever it may be the children in the household look to them for support and advice. More often than not, if the parents of a family are successful, than their children will look at them as a role model of what they want to be in life and turn out successful as well. A parenting figure should portray something enlightening to look forward to for their children if they want them to grow up successfully. If you portray a negative lifestyle for your children than they are going to look at that as being what they are going to grow up into and in turn not try very hard because they don’t look forward to growing into their parents lifestyle. In the story, “A long Days Journey into Night,” by Eugene O’Neill, The Tyrone family is faced with many difficult events going on with the family. First of all the mother, Mary, is addicted to morphine, an addiction she obtained when giving birth to
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her son Edmund. Also the youngest son, Edmund, is diagnosed with Consumption, also
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Dysfunctional family upload - The Affect of a Households...

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