Jason; origins of Troy (mon)

Jason; origins of Troy (mon) - week 5 monday 11:35:00 ←...

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Unformatted text preview: week 5 monday 04/09/2007 11:35:00 ← ← Jason; Early adventures of the Argonauts: • Lemnian Women (…could be worse!) o Killed all their men; live on Lymnos • Phineus & the Harpies o Attacked by bird women and rescued by the Argonauts • Symplegades (“Clashing Rocks”) o Rocks close in on anything that tries to pass through o Sends a bird to fly through and the rocks clash together, they sail through s the rocks open back up again; though they do lose a small tip of the boat Hylas is left behind; Hercules is one of the Argonauts and he leaves the others in search of Hylas, who was seduced by sea nymphs along the way ← • Jason and the Dragon o Something about a princess and a witch; Areadne falls in love with Jason, who abandons her She gives him a magic ointment that will prevent him from being burned by the fire breathing dragons o De-toothed the dragon and threw the teeth into the ground (similar to Cadmus) o Jason has to tame the dragon with the help of the king’s daughter Medea o Deinetes (possibly the king?) sets out after them with his fleets; she kills her brother who was a hostage and drops him overboard, her father stops to pick him up o They escape and return to Greece o Go to Yolcus, usurper has been killed, Medea ticks Peleus’ daughters into killing their own father They expel Jason and Medea Go to Corinth King Creon (not from Oedipus) shows them hospitality Jason has two sons with Medea, but Creon offers his daughter up in marriage When Medea finds out her husband wishes to accept, she kills the king and the princess after the marriage; then she kills her own children Flees to Athens and is given hospitality by King Egis...
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Jason; origins of Troy (mon) - week 5 monday 11:35:00 ←...

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