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Anthro2October 10

Anthro2October 10 - c All humans are cultural and what...

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October 10, 2007 1) History of Anthropology a. Origins in colonization; inspired by cultural adversity colonies encountered and their desire to dominate natives b. They were considered proto-anthropologists (arm chair anthropologists who relied on date of others; messages sometimes full of errors) c. Unilinear cultural evolution: i. Accorded with perspective of the era ii. Human groups perceive through various stages of development; being civilized and European iii. Savagery to barbarianism to civilization 1. Before they were just considered to be inferior) 2) Franz Boas (father of American anthropology) a. German born and educated in geography b. Developed 1 st modern definition of culture
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Unformatted text preview: c. All humans are cultural and what differs is quality d. Each is a unique way of life i. Results from particular history of innovations and borrowings from other cultures e. Not about discovering laws of evolution process by identifying relationship between individual actions and cultural consensus HISTORICAL PARTICULARISM: the product of particular histories-study culture from its OWN perspective 3) Interpretive Anthropology a. Cannot just look at the rules or ideas in people’s heads but how those are practiced b. “ANTHROPOLOGY IS NOT AN EXPLICIT SCIENCE. IT IS AN INTERPRETIVE ONE THAT GIVES MEANING” c. Gertz: “thick description”...
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