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PoliSciFebruary 15 - Continuation of Machiavelli 1 Virtue a...

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February 15, 2008 Continuation of Machiavelli 1. Virtue a. Greek notions: wisdom, courage, justice, temperance b. Christian love: faith, hope charity c. How should Princes behave? i. Wise, courageous, modest, just, pious and loved. 2. VIRTU a. Foresight and prudence b. Impetuous and audacious i. All lead to success 3. Authority is based on economy of violence a. Too much, too little b. Need the right amount of force 4. The main foundation of every state are Good laws and Good arms a. Good guys finish last, especially in a world that’s not good (politically) 5. Interpretations of Virtue and Virtu a. Cruel to be kind: in order to have justice you must first establish order. You must be willing to do nasty things. Means to an end. 6. Morality plays well: what counts are appearances and not reality. a. “men judge by their eyes rather than hands. Many see you but few touch you.” 7. Virtue undermines Virtu 8. Obligation of Vice 9. Relationship between Virtu and Fortuna a. Virtue can attract fortune: leaders must be able to step out of character and be flexible to meet the demands of the time.
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b. Virtue begins to resemble fortuna: man who can shift and be in constant flux can offer rewards to people as fortuna does. It keeps them guessing. 10. General Interpretations of Machiavelli
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PoliSciFebruary 15 - Continuation of Machiavelli 1 Virtue a...

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