Ares and Eris; Trojan War (weds)

Ares and Eris; Trojan War (weds) - Week 5 Wednesday Galluc...

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Week 5 Wednesday 05/09/2007 11:32:00 Galluc is gone…so why am I here??? Film (continued from yesterday): Yokefeld was digging up Troy Troy is farely smaller than was expected; probably not big enough for everything that happened to actually have happened there Blegin takes over the dig Calls it a ruin of a ruin, because Yokefeld fucked it all up 1939 went to western Greece found 600 tablets written in linear B that proved the ancient people of Mycenae were actually Greek Ares and Eris Film (with the crazy British dude!): Ares, god of war: More about Helen causing Troy, yeah we get it In mythology, it was not considered blasphemous for mortals to challenge the god(but it was probably fatal, and therefore really stupid) Zeus blamed Hera for Ares’ hateful personality—he was the most hated of the Olympians Helius spotted the affair between Ares and Aphrodite; he told Hephaestus Hades had a certain respect for Ares, as it was Ares who provided a fresh batch of dead young soldiers Eris caused a lot of trouble too, “Eris” means “discord” Whenever she entered a rom, fights broke out When the two were together, all hell broke loose
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Her sons’ names meant pain, battles, murders, anarchy, famine, and oblivian Zeus was tied up by Poseidon and Apollo, Thetus brought up the hundred handers to let him free, he baished Poseidon and Apollo to Troy o Hera had helped to tie him up, so he tied weights to her ankles and hung her by her arms from a string in the sky Hera The ancient greeks respected Hera, but were very afraid of her o Her punishments for Zeus’ mistresses, and for her son Hephestus, were particularly fearsome o Behind all these conflicts was Eris, causing the anger Hera decided to leave Zeus, so he came up with a strategy to keep her o He faked a fiancé and Hera tried to tear the stone fiancé to pieces (Eris caused
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Ares and Eris; Trojan War (weds) - Week 5 Wednesday Galluc...

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